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1938 Hayes Trailer   Model ?


This 1930’s trailer is just too cool.  I saw one at the Peterson Museum in California and decided it was a must for my collection. Well, guess what? There are only a handful known that are not total wrecks.  It’s a steel body unit, definitely not a light weight.  Check out the front of it. It looks like a cattle pusher on the front of an old steam engine. 


I decided this one would be too hard to find, so I didn’t even pursue it. Once again, the fateful phone call. “ Hey Steve, some guy has a bread loaf trailer for sale on Craigs list.”  What the hell is a bread loaf trailer?  I don’t want to start selling bread.  I looked and couldn’t believe it… the one trailer I had given up looking for…a 1938 Hayes. And once again, just out of the barn.  I called the guy and he said he had just listed it.   “Why did you list it as bread loaf trailer?” I asked.    “Cause it looks like a loaf of bread, isn’t it cute?”


I called my good trailer buddy Desmond.  “Hey Des, whataya doin tomorrow?”  He answered, “Guess I’m going to pick up a trailer.”


 How many times do you think you can tell your wife that you’re going away overnight with a buddy to pick up a trailer?  It’s better than saying “I’m going to the library to study for a test mom”. Remember using that line?  Well, you can only tell your wife that story so many times. Guess who came with us on this one?  Desmond’s wife.  


Now cute this trailer certainly is.  My next and possibly final restoration. 

Huuuuuuummmmmmmmm???????  Final restoration???


NOT!    But certainly next on the drawing board.  Check out the woodwork.  Amazing what inside storage offers.


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